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Submitted on
January 4



You sat there on your computer, again...

It was after school and as usual there was drama.  You can across a website that you could take quizzes about pretty much anything on.  As you scrolled through you saw a quiz called "What State Is Your Heart In"?  Curious, you opened it up.  The questions varied and finally you got your answer.  It said Heart of Stone.  You just shook your head and said quietly "They don't know the half of it."  You stood up and walked over to the bathroom.  The time on your phone read 11:11 pm, wow was it really that late?  

You took your anti depression pills and quietly made a wish to yourself.  Then, walking back into your bedroom you thought over your day.  It had started with a text conversation the night before.  Your real best friend had just moved across the country, and you wanted her to stay in touch.  You asked your "friends" if she could join and they had just said sure.  It was fine for a minute or two but then one of them started up a new convo.  Wondering, you asked why.  The one who had started up the new convo just replied, "we didn't really want her in, so we just started a new one! LOL!"  You had replied telling her off.  After a few mean words were exchanged they all sided against you.

Finally, having enough, you just left the convo.  Then, at school, you were confronted by them.  They said harsh things to you before turning on their heels and leaving you in the hallway.  Tears formed in your eyes as you finished getting ready for bed.  After everyone was asleep, and the lights were all off, all that could be heard was the sound of crying.
So this story is a recent part of my life, the convo via texting actually happened to me but the at school part hasn't... yet.  Umm well I took the quiz in the story and got that result. I don't really know what to do, but I think ive had enough.  What do you guys think is should do?